26 Sweet Benefits of Pure Maple Syrup

25 Sweet Benefits of Pure Maple Syrup


There’s syrup and then there’s pure maple syrup. Hopefully, by now you know which one is better.

But just in case you need any more reasons why pure maple syrup is the sultan of syrups, our crew has come up with a whole list of reasons for keeping this sweet stuff in your life.

From obvious health perks to a little peace of mind, the benefits of pure maple syrup go beyond just improving what’s on your plate. Pure maple can truly make you sappy.

We consider it truly special nectar straight from the trees and our crew is fortunate to get to taste each and every day. Of course, we may be a little bias.

Either way, here are all the reasons you should consider pouring pure maple into your life more often:


1. It’s nutritious, and loaded with essential minerals like calcium, magnesium, potassium, zinc, and more. You know the stuff that keeps your body sappy.

2. It goes great with wings. The food, not the band.

3. It’s about as natural as it gets….no preservatives or additives.

4. It’s loaded with natural antioxidants that can keep you amped and reduce oxidative stress in the body…#sappyscience.

5. It’s a great sugar substitute for all you coffee-lovers out there.

6. It’s the perfect pairing with pancakes so that you have the energy to start your day off strong.

7. It’s about as farm-to-table as it gets…or is it tree-to-table?

8. It’s a proven immunity booster. So you can stay feeling sweet and healthy.

9. It’s known to help prevent not-so-sappy diseases like arthritis, inflammatory bowel disease, or heart disease.

10. It’s good for the skin…seriously.

11. It can be made into candy.

12. It’s easy to digest.

13. It contains amino acids, so it’s literally fuel for your body.

14. One word…electrolytes. Yup.

15. It’s got a pretty sweet shelf life. (SAPJACK syrup lasts two years)

16. It’s organic. Duh.

17. It takes real people to produce. Our crew works year-round both inside and outside.

18. It’s a natural resource.

19. It won’t freeze.

20. It goes great in cocktails. Who’s ready for sappy hour?

21. It contains manganese, which can help support healthy muscles.

22. It goes great over some ice cream.

23. You can have it for almost every meal of the day…including dinner.

24. Most other maple is made from corn syrup. Not ours.

25. It’s only made in certain parts of North America…so you know it’s special.

Like our sweet list? Check out the crew that came up with it!


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