Why SAPJACK syrup is special

Not All Syrup is Created Equal

There’s a big difference between the syrup you see in your grocery stores or your occasional New England rest stop than the 100% organic maple syrup we pour our hearts into up in Island Pond, VT.

Actually, there’s a HUGE difference. Here’s the main one:


SAPJACK is PURE single-source goodness. We consider it to be the good stuff because it delivers the clean and delicate taste of maple—not a caramelized or sugary sweet syrup. While a lot of syrups can be 100% pure, the SAPJACK crew does things a little different. And it all starts with happy trees in our 24,000-acre forest.

Here’s what sets our syrup apart from all the others:


Our tree whisperers take care of our forest and minimize the impact we have. And our process of turning it into syrup focuses on keeping the sap fresh. We collect it daily and quickly run it down to our steam geniuses so it’s full of flavor when its cooked down to golden deliciousness.


We know the quality of every bottle of maple syrup we produce—because every drop comes from sap from our 24,000-acre forest in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom. The reality is that some maple syrups are made of sap from multiple sources. And different sap 🍁 can have different qualities and taste! That’s why SAPJACK is committed to collecting every drop here to ensure it meets our expectations—and yours.


Cooking down sap isn’t as easy as boiling it —especially if you want to retain all its naturally delicious flavor. Cooking it too long or with uneven heat can result in an overly caramelized (sugary) syrup. That’s why we invented our own evaporator to flash steam every drop.

We’re consistent in our approach and going the extra mile just makes us sappy!

We truly are a truly different maple brand.

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