10 Creative Ways to Reuse a SAPJACK Syrup Bottle

Uh-oh. The bottle’s empty.

You’ve turned your SAPJACK syrup bottle all the way upside-down, and the very last drops of sweetness have spilled out onto the plate.

Fortunately, running out of SAPJACK is a dilemma that is easily remedied. The first and most important question to ask yourself is what flavor(s) to buy next. The second question is: what to do with the empty glass bottle?

While recycling is always a good idea — our crew is a big believer in sustainability — you have other options as well. 

Believe it or not, your empty 8 oz. or 12 oz. bottle of SAPJACK represents a great opportunity.

Here are some fun ideas for repurposing those empty bottles of your favorite maple syrup.

How to Reuse a Glass Maple Syrup Bottle

Make a Piggy Bank — Save up those spare coins for a special purchase (for example, more SAPJACK, a couple of maple tree saplings, supplies to start your own syrup-making operation, etc.). Note: Small change only; quarters and nickels are a bit too big for this savings bank. Bills will work too!

Flower Vase — Brighten your kitchen table with a flower vase featuring wildflowers from the garden, the forest, or your local florist.

Candlestick Holder — Enjoy a candle-lit dinner featuring fun SAPJACK recipes like Maple Glazed Chicken and Maple Salmon, illuminated by your rustic DIY candlestick holder.

Photo Frame — Another decorative use for your empty SAPJACK bottle is to craft a glass bottle picture frame. Homehacks suggests: Roll up a photo to slip it inside the bottle and add decorations like sand and seashells to give your distinctive photo display “a relaxed, beachy feel.”

Jellybean Jar — Colorful and practical, an empty SAPJACK bottle makes an eye-catching jellybean jar … or M&M jar, Reese’s Pieces jar or “small candy of your choice” jar.

Liquid Soap Dispenser Budget Dumpster suggests, “Simply purchase a pump – or save one from a plastic container – and you can create a unique soap dispenser using any type of bottle the pump will fit.” Suitable for home use or for a creative DIY gift.

Spray Bottle — Same basic idea here, except repurposed for household cleaning needs. Budget Dumpster notes that many glass bottles with twist-off tops are about the same size as the average spray nozzle.

Oil Lamps and Lanterns — With just a few key ingredients (SAPJACK bottle, wick, and lamp oil) you can fashion a decorative and functional oil lamp. Online shoppers will find quite a selection of oil lamp and lantern kits to choose from.

Build a Ship in a Bottle — Ahoy! Running low on SAPJACK? You could be perhaps the first customer ever to build a tiny ship model inside an empty syrup bottle. (Note: If you do, please be sure to send us a photo and we’ll send you a sweet and delicious token of our appreciation.)

Terrarium — You probably won’t be able to create a scale model replica of our 20,000-acre, maple-rich forest in the heart of Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom inside an 8 oz. or 12 oz. bottle. But creating a thriving terrarium is relatively easy, especially with tips from Terrarium Tribe.

And remember: Whenever you run out of SAPJACK, we’ve always got you covered with our full lineup of delicious flavors.

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