Which SAPJACK Job Would Make You Most Sappy?

Wondering whether you’re best suited working the taps, chauffeuring sap, or turning it into the final product you see on the table?

Or maybe you’re a SAPJACK-OF-ALL-TRADES.

Our maple-loving crew goes through intensive training every year to continuously perfect our craft and further our ability to be good stewards of our 24,000-acre forest.

And while we all work as one big sappy family, the process requires very different roles (and types of people) to make the magic happen each spring.

Ever wonder which maple-making role would be best suited for your taste? Take a look below.

Love the outdoors enough to spend hours a day working in the woods?


Our tree team are the caretakers of our 24,000-acre forest and are responsible for inserting, removing, and hand-sterilizing 500,000+ taps each year! This group is serious about doing the hard work that ensures our trees stay healthy and happy so everything flows when spring arrives.

And this is no walk in the park! They can travel upwards of six miles in the forest each day (often in snow, mud, or both) tending lines, working taps, and caring for trees.

  • Is it tiring and tough? Yes.
  • Do we prefer the sugarbush to the office life? Always.
  • Do we talk to trees? Occasionally.

Love getting up before sunrise and have the drive to conquer any road conditions?


How do you ensure sap dripping from taps in the morning gets turned into syrup on the same day? You get up early … like 3 a.m. early.

And you aren’t sweating a little rain, snow, or even ice. Our road warriors are up before sunrise driving in (ahem…interesting) conditions to keep sap out of the sun and fresh when it goes into our evaporator. This crew is rolling when most people are calling in late to dig out their cars.

  • Are they able to fix anything mechanical? Yes.
  • Have they all experienced a few hairy turns while headed back to HQ with a tank full of fresh sap? We are quite certain.
  • Do they belt out tunes while they drive? They won’t tell.

Not into romance novels, but like when things get a little steamy?


Our steaming crew preserves every drop of natural flavor by tending our unique evaporator. This group spends their days flash-steaming sap at our headquarters and watching it come out as the liquid gold you see in our bottles.

And this is one meticulous team! Timing and precise control of the evaporator is crucial to ensuring our flavorful sap is cooked down to golden perfection—not burned into a bland sugary glop. They love delivering the true taste of the forest and go home smelling pretty sweet.

  • Do their glasses get fogged up from working with steam all day? Yup.
  • Do they ever sample the stuff that comes out of the evaporator? Of course.
  • Is it a pretty sweet gig? Literally.

Always got something cooking in your mind … and kitchen?


These experts spend their days dreaming up new maple tastes and new ways to retain it during our steaming process. Whether it be coming up with new ingredient combinations or food pairings, this crew has a taste for adventure.

Part maple master, part professional chef — Syrup Chefs can often be found mixing new ingredients and testing flavors that complement our 100% organic maple products. Think R&D … but way sweeter.

  • Do they have culinary backgrounds? Yep.
  • Can they tell a Grade A Golden that’s only one tick from being a Grade A Amber? Always.
  • Does their job “require” them to sip maple syrup? Yes.

Our crew is truly one of a kind!


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