Recipes Made with Maple

5 Recipes Made Better with Maple Syrup

Consider yourself officially dared to try any of them.

The maple-loving crew at SAPJACK has tried maple on nearly everything. And we’re always looking to test the bounds of how the True Taste of the Forest can level up different dishes.

Soooo…we decided to serve up some truly unusual recipes where maple doesn’t seem to fit into the equation, but just pouring some on just might mean you tap into something special.


Tuesday just got a lot more interesting with “miso-maple” sweet potato tacos.
You love Mexican and maple, but this unholy union could never work, right? Not so fast. The crew over at Love & Lemons seem very confident that these Asian-inspired glazed goodies get the job done. Check out this recipe to see how they pair a healthy amount of maple with a creamy cilantro-coconut sauce.


You’re wondering if this is good, but really … you’re welcome.
Unless dairy is a no-no for you, the classic grilled cheese is basically a no-brainer cheat meal that never disappoints. But what if you could eat a grilled cheese for breakfast with maple and say it’s an actual recipe? Closet Cooking is giving you the green light here and we’d be lying if we hadn’t thought of doing it ourselves.


Full disclosure: Our crew tried this before, but here’s an actual recipe.
For many, meatloaf brings back fond memories of sitting at the dinner table with fam only to find out you’re getting served up a hamburger fill of mystery ingredients in the shape of … well … bread. Either you loved it or you hated it. What if we told you the folks at Taste of Home have a maple-glazed turkey meatloaf that makes the dish palatable or … gasp! … amazing? We dare ya.


The crafty way to turn happy hour into sappy hour. 
A little unusual … yes. A slight detour from a “recipe” in the conventional sense. Yes … and we’re doing it anyway. The brewers at Brew Your Own have this article featuring a fairly detailed process for turning maple into brews. And one of the keys is replacing your brewing water with actual maple sap! Be honest … you’ve taken a few swigs of maple syrup straight, so what’s a few brews? Cheers.


It’s maple syrup, and curry, and chicken … with pasta. No words.
Curry and maple might seem like the type of mistake that ruins both. Guiding Stars assures us we are 100% wrong. Apparently, things all come together neatly. The best part?  This dish can be served up hot or cold and comes together very fast! We are in.

Not seeing anything that you love? You’ll be sappy to know the SAPJACK crew has tons of amazing maple flavors and recipes. Tap here to check out how you can bring the True Taste of the Forest into any meal … or drink…or dessert.

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